Benefits of Double Masking

Benefits of Double Masking

Benefits of Double Masking

We have heard of daily masking to help deeply nourish your skin; but how familiar are you with double masking? What does it mean? Would it be too rich? 

Allow us to clear up all your doubts and questions! 

What is Double Masking?

Double masking refers to the usage of using facial masks  one after another. It is usually recommended to first go in with a layer of facial mask (eg clay masks), before putting on a sheet mask. Double masking has more benefits for your skin as compared to just using one as they pack in a bunch of powerful ingredients that can be absorbed into your skin within a short amount of time.

A common misconception believed by many is that double masking can be too rich for their skin. However, if you opt for a clay mask for the first layer, it actually aids in detoxifying your skin and extracting dirt from pores, which results in a cleaner surface and better absorption of your remaining skincare.

Benefits of Double Masking

Besides clearing up your complexion and helping your skincare products to better sink into your skin, double masking can also help in the following: 

  • Prevent breakouts
  • Helps to brighten skin
  • Promotes radiant and glowing skin
  • Helps to replenish hydration levels

Our Top Picks

Mask #1 - Garden Party Clay Mask

For your first mask, we recommend applying a generous layer of Garden Party! Unlike any other clay masks, Garden Party is a multi-tasking mask that not only is not only clears gunk and deeply detoxifies pores, this pudding-like mask also helps bring back moisture into your skin, prevents hyperpigmentation, brightens skin, shrink pores and even helps to boost collagen production! 

This therefore makes Garden Party an irresistible first choice in this double masking routine!

Mask #2 - Tea-Tox Sheet Mask

After leaving Garden Party on for 5-10 minutes, rinse off thoroughly. On dry skin, enjoy a pampering session with Tea-Tox, a 20% probiotics sheet mask, which helps relieve redness, irritation and sensitive skin, instantly. Tea-Tox can also help clear free radical damage accumulated in the day which can cause premature ageing, as well as increasing skin elasticity by boosting collagen production levels too! 

With Tea-Tox still on, you can also add in an extra step - use a chilled facial roller or spoon to smooth out the mask and to work the essence into your skin with an upwards motion! 

As a bonus, Tea-Tox also gives you an instant glow that will last you 2-3 days! 

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