Benefits of exfoliating regularly

Benefits of exfoliating regularly

Ever wondered why your skin is losing its glow or why it's looking a little dull and dry lately? It could be because it's time for an exfoliation! 

Regardless of what skin types you may have, you should be exfoliating on a regular basis to remove that buildup of gunk and nasties accumulated to help your skin maintain that healthy glow and smooth, supple texture! 

Here are some benefits of exfoliating your skin:

1. Increases cell turnover 

Exfoliating on a regular basis also helps in healthy cell turnover, which is responsible for making your skin glow radiantly! Regular exfoliation helps with removing and buffing that layer of dead skin cells, as well as any dry patches you may have that can result in flaky and dull skin.


2. Diminishing acne and blemishes

Exfoliating helps speed up the process of natural shedding of dead skin cells that only happens every 30 days, and helps to unclog pores at the same time. Any debris that remains on the surface of your skin after cleansing will also be sloughed away, preventing them from settling into your pores that can cause white and blackheads. This clearing of pores can also help in clearing up acne.


3. Stimulate collagen production

Exfoliation can also help in stimulating the production of collagen, which promotes elasticity and minimises the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging! 

By removing the layer of old cells, the skin is shocked into producing new ones which then stimulates collagen to begin production.


4. Increase and improve moisture levels

If there is a layer of buildup on your skin, it actually impedes the ability for hydrating moisturisers to be absorbed, making your skin dry, dull and flaky. By sloughing away this layer, it helps your skincare products to be better absorbed, resulting in higher moisture levels and better hydration.


5. Helps counter skin’s ageing process

As we age, our skin also undergoes changes with us. This includes rough patches, reduction in elasticity, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. To prevent dull skin, you should exfoliate! It'll break up pigmented cells to help retain a healthy glow and give you softer skin, tricking your own complexion to think it's young again! 


How many times should you exfoliate? 

As a general guide, you should exfoliate 2 to 3 times per week to ensure healthy turnover of skin cells and rejuvenation of your skin! However, if you have sensitive skin, try exfoliating once a week instead using a gentle exfoliator. 

Ensure that you are also not overdoing it as it can strip your skin’s natural oil barrier which can result in more sensitive, red and irritated skin. It is therefore important to find a delicate balance that is just right and to know what works best for you! 

Additionally, look out for exfoliants that are free from microbeads and harsh abrasions that can damage and dry out your skin, forcing excessive production of sebum which can lead to acne and blemishes!


Reinstate that youthful glow with Bright Skies 

It can be difficult to find the perfect exfoliant that you have to deal with 2 to 3 times a week, which is why Sigi Skin created the perfect formula that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin! 

Free from any sort of abrasions, Bright Skies is a gentle peeling gel exfoliator created with a super blend of Goji berries, spinach and pumpkin extracts that clears up and brightens your complexion instantly. 

Unlike your usual exfoliant, Bright Skies also has the ability to reduce hyperpigmentation, boost collagen, reduces appearance of wrinkles, and even reverses UV damage - a definite all-in-one product! 

Contrary to popular belief, you can also use exfoliants on your lips as a scrub to shed all those dry, flaky bits, and providing hydration at the same time to give you a smooth finish that makes lipstick application a piece of cake especially for all the matte lippie lovers!

You can even use Bright Skies around your eyes as well to remove dead skin cells, giving you a more lifted, illuminated and youthful look!


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