Best Travel Skincare Routine

Best Travel Skincare Routine

Your best travel skincare routine has just landed! 

The earth is not flat. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be too.

Travelling and finding it a hassle to keep to your skincare routine while you fly and explore? This is the right space for you. Skincare shouldn’t be tedious and difficult. On the contrary, it should be accessible and convenient for when you need a quick pick-me-up! 


Step 1: Quick boost of hydration 

Due to a drop in humidity levels when a few thousand feet in the air, your skin can become easily dehydrated and dry because of the high altitudes. Flaky and dry skin may occur, but don’t panic! 

(Not so) FUN fact: 50% of the air in an airplane cabin is reused and recycled! In this context, recycling probably isn’t the best for everyone. This recycled air causes re-circulation of floating bacteria and residue to accumulate on the surface of your skin, making you more prone to clogged pores and breakouts! 

This is the time where we bring out our moisturisers, but… it could be a hassle to bring the entire product on flight. With this in mind, we created a travel and flight friendly solution - Dew Potion! 

Dew Potion is a waterless essence mist with a spray bottle that gives your skin that quick hydration boost you need anytime, anywhere, and works especially well in dry conditions. It is also anti-pollution which means it can protect you from environmental stressors and irritants by eliminating free radicals that increase the ageing process - a perfect spritz-and-glow in a bottle!

Step 2: Don’t forget your eyes!

Now that your skin is happy and well hydrated, our eyes are feeling a little left out at the moment. Being on a flight, especially for long hours, can accelerate the rate of getting puffy, swollen eyes due to uncomfortable sleeping positions. The skin around your eyes might also be craving for some hydrating love like the rest of your skin! 

On this note, it is time to bring in Gentle Gaze Eye Cream! Unlike any other eye creams in the market that are sold in bulky pots, Gentle Gaze comes built with a handy metal tip applicator that makes it an easy and convenient tool to slip into your carry-on. Without the need for clean fingers and external eye massage tool, Gentle Gaze is truly a travel buddy that has everything you ever wished for! 

Additionally, Gentle Gaze helps to de-puff, de-swell, brighten the under-eye area, and even erases fine lines! What’s not to love?! 


Step 3: Waving hello to Mr Sun 

It is important that you also bring along your sunscreen on flight, as harmful UVA and UVB rays can still penetrate cloud cover, even more so now that you’re much higher up in the sky! 

Stay fresh and protected with Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, an absolute skin saver that protects you from premature ageing, even when you are 10,000ft in the air! At the same time, Morning Glow can also help hydrate your skin and keep your makeup staying flawless for long! 

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