Caring for rosacea skin

Caring for rosacea skin

What is rosacea and what causes it?

Rosacea is commonly associated with flushing, redness and bumps on the skin, especially the cheeks, or the T-zone. It also causes obvious visibility of small blood vessels, and sometimes pus-filled vesicles or bumps. Other symptoms can also include skin sensitivity such as a burning or stinging sensation, itching, dry and rough patches, as well swelling in more serious cases. 

Unfortunately, the main cause of rosacea remains unclear. However, it could be due to several reasons including genetics and having acne-prone skin. In addition, external conditions can also trigger rosacea. For example, being under prolonged sun exposure or in extreme weather with strong winds can also result in this flushing. 

Having the habit of taking a hot shower can also exacerbate such symptoms, as with stress and anxiety, a poor diet, excessive alcohol, and skincare products that are irritating or not suitable for your skin. 

Skincare routine for rosacea

#1 Gentle Cleanser

It’s just a facial cleanser, it doesn't matter which kind I use, right? WRONG. Your cleanser plays a big part in keeping your skin clean and your skin barrier healthy. If you feel the stripping feeling after a wash, toss that in the bin right away. Opt for a gentler option like Kaleanser that is mild but effective in cleaning away dirt and sebum accumulated on the skin. To prevent rosacea flare ups, Kalenser is incredibly gentle and does the work of detoxifying your skin as well. 

#2 Hydrating Essence 

Dew Potion is a waterless essence mist that helps to calm inflammation and flare ups due to its high chamomile extract content. It also has high antibacterial properties, making it the go to when flare ups occur, and an excellent boost of hydration whenever you need it,

#3 Soothing moisturiser

By putting back moisture into your skin, moisturisers can help repair the skin barrier and penetrate deeper layers of skin to encourage rejuvenation. Having a healthy skin barrier is crucial to prevent rosacea from flaring up, which is why we recommend Idyllic Fields Daytime Moisturiser. It contains a generous amount of oats that can calm inflammation as well as acne. It can also heal your skin barrier and maintain your skin at optimal pH levels, while supplying adequate hydration your skin needs when you go about your day. It seals in hydration for long periods of time, and contains polyglutamic acid that holds 10x more moisture as compared to hyaluronic acid! 

#4 Sunscreen

Remember about harsh weather and environments triggering rosacea? This explains why you need to slather on sunscreen before heading out. Even if you are planning on staying indoors, sunscreen is a step that should not be skipped. Broad spectrum sunscreens like Morning Glow with SPF50 PA++++ effectively protects you from sun exposure, and prevents flushing due to the heat. Morning Glow also contains hyaluronic acid that can hydrate your skin, and zinc oxide that is safe for use on sensitive skin while filtering out harmful UV rays.

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