De-puffing your eyes with Gentle Gaze

De-puffing your eyes with Gentle Gaze

Thinking of winding down for the night after a long day of staring at the computer screen for work? 

Or did you wake up with puffy eyes from sleeping too late the previous night? 

Gentle Gaze is the perfect solution for you! 

Unlike other eye creams on the market, Gentle Gaze comes packaged in a squeeze tube with a metal applicator, making it a whole feel-good eye massage fit for a king! 

This unique metal applicator also ensures that it is more hygienic as you can say goodbye to constantly dipping your fingers into a pot! For friends with long nail extensions, Gentle Gaze is an absolute life saver! No more poking of eyes and product trapped underneath (winks).

For the best de-puffing experience, chill Gentle Gaze overnight and squeeze a pea-sized amount of product directly onto your under eyes. Use the metal tip applicator to gently glide around areas that are puffy or swelling, and/or where eye bags, dark eye circles, wrinkles, and crows’ feet are visible. 

After which, sink into your couch or bed and let Gentle Gaze do its thing overnight, giving you brighter and more illuminated eyes when you rise! 

If you wish to use Gentle Gaze in the day, we are proud to inform you that it sits so well under makeup! While hydrating and brightening your eyes, Gentle Gaze will be your go-to in your morning and night routine for sure! 

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