Exfoliation and Hydration - A Perfect Match

Exfoliation and Hydration - A Perfect Match

Why exfoliating and hydrating fits together like 2 pieces of the same puzzle

Do you ever notice how well pizza goes well with a fizzy drink on the side? Or how a comforting mug of beer complements fried chicken so well? Well, just like these irreplaceable pairing, there are also skincare products that go well together, hand-in-hand! 

In today’s blog, let’s talk about why exfoliation and hydration is a match made in heaven! 

#Benefit 1 - Helps with better absorption of skincare and moisture

In order for your skin to be properly hydrated and for moisture to penetrate your skin barrier, the surface of your skin has to be clean and clear from the buildup of dead skin cells! Otherwise, they would just be separated like an oil and water mixture. 

By exfoliating, you are removing the layer of excess oils and nasties that are living on your skin, ensuring a new canvas to work with every time you do so. Think of your skin as a painting in progress - with every stroke of paint (i.e. build up of gunk) you layer on, it becomes harder to blend and more difficult for the paper (i.e. your skin) to absorb them quickly! 

Remember to keep this up and make it a point to exfoliate regularly, at least 2-3 times a week depending on your skin type. For individuals with sensitive skin, try exfoliating once a week instead, and use one with a gentle formula free of harsh bits that can cause micro tears in your skin! 

#Benefit 2 - Slows ageing process 

As we get older, our skin ages with us. Although it’s a natural process, you may start noticing hyperpigmentation, decrease in elasticity, as well as dry or flaky patches. 

By exfoliating regularly, you can help break up these cells responsible for hyperpigmentation and dark spots, which leaves you with a clearer, smooth baby-soft texture. This is probably what people mean when they say we can age gracefully! 

Going in with a moisturiser you trust best right after exfoliating will help boost the results of achieving younger looking skin and better texture as we age! This is important in bringing back all the hydration your skin needs after buffing away the dull complexion. 

Exfoliate, hydrate, and watch as your skin gives off that natural glow! 

#Benefit 3 - Prevent acne and breakouts

Exfoliating may be the last option you would think to turn to when you are facing acne and breakouts, but contrary to popular belief, exfoliation may just be the solution to achieving clearer skin! 

A right gentle exfoliant can help break down and destroy acne-causing bacteria and help with speeding up skin cell renewal, making your skin clear and soft! Additionally, it also helps in unclogging skin, minimising formation of white and black heads. 

Rehydrating after exfoliating is a must! Put back all that goodies into your skin, and with a consistent routine, you can and you will have clearer skin! 

If you are looking for a power duo…

Try Bright Skies - A gentle peeling gel exfoliator that is formulated without any microbeads and is created with sensitive skin types in mind. Incorporated with superfoods like goji berries, spinach and pumpkin extracts, Bright Skies helps to promote skin cell turnover and removes dead skin cells effectively, while keeping skin soft and supple! 

Try Idyllic Fields - For the AM, opt for this waterless daytime moisturiser that effectively rectifies skin dryness, inflammation and compromised skin barrier functions. It can give you immediate ample hydration, rebalance microbes on your skin and locks in moisture 10x better than hyaluronic acid! 

Try Dream Capsule - For the PM, this overnight sleeping mask replaces your current night cream and moisturiser, locking in hydration while you sleep! Dream Capsule also contains key ingredients such as Bakuchiol (an alternative for retinol), Purslane, Niacinamide and  Squalene, making it 100% pregnancy and nursing safe! 

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