Get unready with Sigi Skin!

Get unready with Sigi Skin!

This is your ultimate guide to winding down and getting ready for bed with Sigi Skin! 


Start off by removing your makeup with Kaleanser, a gentle facial wash that effectively removes dirt, oils and all the build up of nasties accumulated throughout the day! It is important that you remember to wash your face before tucking yourself into bed because the accumulation of gunk can clog pores and lead to breakouts and acne which really, you wouldn't want that! 

Kaleanser is powerful because it also works great to easily remove even waterproof makeup and mascara with its extremely gentle and hydrating formula! This makes it a best friend to have especially if you have eyelash extensions as you will not have to pull or tug on them! 

Kaleanser also helps in balancing your skin’s pH levels at its optimal level and does not give you that ‘squeaky-clean’ feeling you get when your moisture barrier has been stripped off. 

Containing beneficial ingredients like kale and soy, Kaleanser helps brighten complexion while detoxifying pores, and is guaranteed to make your skin feel baby-soft after one use!

*Bonus: Sigi Skin products are free from added fragrances, but you may notice a hint of Bergamot in Kaleaneser due to an addition of an ingredient known as Citrus Aurantium Bergamia which helps to stimulate renewal of skin cells! 


2. Dew Potion

On freshly cleansed skin, you now have the permission to further your pamper session with Dew Potion, a waterless essence mist that is rich in antioxidants to help block free radicals that can cause premature ageing! 

Known for its calming and soothing nature, ingredients like chamomile helps heal the skin and is great for individuals struggling with acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Chamomile also helps other products in your skincare routine to be better absorbed, which means less product wastage! 

With other unique ingredients like aqua 3G and maqui berry, they work together to help retain moisture up to 2.8 times higher, which combats dryness and ageing skin concerns. 

After a few generous spritz from this adorable pink bottle, pat the product into your skin gently and let’s prepare for the next step!


3. Gentle Gaze

While waiting for Dew Potion to completely settle down into your skin after patting them for better absorption, you can go in with Gentle Gaze

Squeeze a pea-sized amount of Gentle Gaze under each eye, and use the metal tip applicator that comes with the packaging to glide gently and effortlessly in left-right motions. This metal tip applicator is uncommon as compared to most eye creams available in pots, which makes it a convenient tool for massaging puffy and swollen eyes! 

Gentle Gaze is also good if you are looking for a product that can help reduce dark eye circles and eye bags, especially if you’d like to chill it in the fridge to use it as an eye mask or a cold compress!

Additionally, Gentle Gaze is packed with anti-ageing properties due to formulation of ingredients like premium red ginseng, kelp, and ceramides, which can help boost collagen production and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! 

If you wish, you may also use Gentle Gaze on troubled areas around the nose, mouth, and neck area where you see signs of ageing at. 


4. Youth Beam

Once you are finished with eye cream, it’s time for THE ultimate night serum - Youth Beam! 

Unofficially everyone's favourite serum, Youth Beam anti-ageing night serum works overtime to help boost skin hydration levels to provide instant skin relief! This extremely lightweight texture melts instantly into your skin and works immediately upon application to nourish and repair cellular damage, making your skin soooo soft and glowy the next morning! 

Being one of the first few products in the market to contain all 3 biotics - pre, pro and postbiotics, Youth Beam ensures microbiome on your skin to be less sensitive and more self-resilient over time! 

Do you know what’s even better? On top of the biotics goodies, Youth Beam is also packed with superfoods like reishi mushroom, ginger root extracts and pine bark extracts that are potent in anti-ageing properties, help in reducing the appearance of scars and fine lines, as well providing hydration - all these while you are sleeping soundly in bed! 

Suitable for all skin types and on sensitive skin, Youth Beam will give you plumper, softer and more youthful skin in just 1 night.

It’s of no wonder that Youth Beam is such a star product! 


5. Tea-Tox 

After which, it’s time to relax with Tea-Tox! 

Tea-Tox is not your ordinary sheet mask! Soaked in 27ml of essence made up of 20% probiotics, it helps brighten and heal the skin from redness and irritation, as well as reversing free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors, pollution, and all that mask-wearing in the day! 

Tea-Tox also helps in balancing microbes on your skin and ensures its luminosity even after wearing makeup and being exposed to sun and blue-light for long hours throughout the day.


6. Dream Capsule 

Last but most definitely not the least, apply a layer of Dream Capsule to seal all the previous babies up! 

This silky lavender formula glides smoothly upon application, making it highly absorbent and increases product penetration levels into your skin! 

Without a need to rinse off, this overnight sleeping mask contains bakuchiol which hydrates, boosts collagen production levels and also helps to reduce fine lines! If you are also an expectant mother, bakuchiol is a 100% natural alternative to retinol and rest assured that it is also pregnancy and nursing safe!

Suitable for individuals with eczema-prone skin, squalane in Dream Capsule helps repair disrupted skin barriers and increase the ability to better retain moisture. 

With this treasure in your stash, say goodbye to worries about ageing skin due to purslane which pauses the ageing process, and say hello to brighter, plumper skin - just like you had 12 hours of beauty sleep!

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