How to reduce appearance of large pores

How to reduce appearance of large pores

We all love filters on instagram and on photo editing apps that can help hide our pores. 

But what if there are solutions to boost your confidence with that #nofilter look both on and offline? 

Each and every one of us has pores, but some are just more visible than others. If you are facing the issue of large pores, you have landed at the right place! 

First, let us understand what causes them. Large pores can arise due to a variety of factors, with the most common ones being acne. increased sebum production during hormonal periods, sun damage, or clogged pores. Other reasons can also include ageing - expanded pores occur as a result of age because our skin loses elasticity over time which leads to stretching and sagging, making them more visible and magnified. 

What can you do to minimise them? 

  1. Wash your face twice a day

The first step to reducing the appearance of pores is to keep your face nice and clean without over washing and stripping it of its natural oils. If you are using harsh cleansers that gives you the ‘squeaky-clean’ feeling after a wash, the sebaceous glands in your skin stimulates production of more sebum, resulting in bigger and enlarged pores

Opt for a gentle face wash like Kaleanser, with a gel-like consistency that helps detoxify skin and effectively removes dirt without over-stripping the face of essential moisture and oils.


  1. Exfoliate regularly 

Another reason for enlarged pores is clogged skin. In order to remove build up of dead skin cells, bacteria, debris and dirt accumulated, it is essential to exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week. Exfoliating can encourage turnover of dry skin cells and prevent clogging of pores and skin. Exfoliators do not need to contain rough gritty bits, sand or micro beads in order to get to work effectively. In fact, they can do more harm than good by causing micro tears in your skin which makes you more susceptible to sensitive skin and a broken skin barrier. 

Try opting for a gentle exfoliator like Bright Skies Peeling Gel Exfoliator - with zero addition of plastics and harsh bits in the formula, Bright Skies helps to effectively unclog skin and remove dead skin cells without having to scrub or tug roughly.


  1. Use a clay mask

Clay masking once or twice a week can also help to remove and absorb any excess oils or sebum, leaving no room for oils to accumulate = reduced appearance of pores! Clay masks can also help to pull any impurities from deep within the pores that surface exfoliating is unable to. 

If you are looking for one that does not cause irritation especially on sensitive skin, try Garden Party Clay Mask, which is formulated with Kaolin clay, a mildest and most gentle form of clay used in skincare products. Additionally, Garden Party can also help to control acne outbreaks and shrink pores! 


  1. Apply sunscreen

Large pores can also be due to prolonged exposure under the sun, or sun damage, which can dry out the skin and make pores more visible. Ideally, your sunscreen should have an SPF of 30 and above, to ensure that you are well and properly protected from harmful UV rays that also cause premature ageing. 

Try SPF50 PA ++++ Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen before you head out in the morning to prevent the appearance of large pores, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation! 

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