Ingredient Spotlight - Red Ginseng

Ingredient Spotlight - Red Ginseng

Sigi Tidbits - Let’s talk about Red Ginseng! 


What is Red Ginseng?

You might be familiar with this root, seeing its name pop up among premium supplements, consumed in a liquid form, or even brewed in tonic soups like the popular Korean ginseng chicken served in a stone pot! 

But this particular ingredient is not only known for its extravagant history as traditional medicine, it is also known for its extravagant natural properties. 

Like other key ingredients, red ginseng is the original superfood that benefits the body both inside and out, due to high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, that helps repair both the body as well as cellular damage. 

Due to its excellent anti-inflammatory properties, red ginseng is incorporated into skincare products to leverage on its ability to rejuvenate skin and to increase blood circulation, giving rise to a healthy glow that can blind any onlooker!

Red Ginseng in skincare

  • Rich in saponins and 3 types of Vitamin B 

Saponins can help boost hydration levels, and the presence of Vitamins B1, B2 and B12 helps improve blood flow and circulation, increase oxygenation and boost collagen to make your skin supple and soft while also reducing puffiness and inflammations as a result of poor circulation!


  • ​​Brightening

Red ginseng also helps with brightening of complexion, making you look less tired and replenishing colour to your skin and cheeks!


  • Restores elasticity and has calming properties

Additionally, red ginseng also helps restore elasticity of your skin by fighting against the breakdown of collagen on your behalf, all the while reducing hyperpigmentations and even helps to calm troubled skin like psoriasis!

Gentle Gaze contains red ginseng as one of its key ingredients, making it an ideal eye cream suitable for all skin types and concerns! Combined with its anti-ageing, wrinkle reducing, blood circulation and de-puffing superpowers, Gentle Gaze is for sure able to give your eyes a more lifted and youthful appearance! 

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