Ingredients to avoid during pregnancy

Ingredients to avoid during pregnancy

As a mom-to-be, there are many concerns regarding food that you should take and avoid - but how well are you familiar with what ingredients are suitable (or not) in your daily skincare routine? In this blog, we breakdown some of the ingredients that you avoid and its alternatives.

#1 Avoid Retinol at all costs

The first and foremost ingredient on the top of the list to avoid is retinol. Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative which can lead to dangerous birth defects if used when expecting. Hence, this is an ingredient that must be eliminated and cut out from your skincare products immediately when pregnant. 

What should you use? 

Instead, incorporate the use of bakuchiol. Unlike retinol, bakuchiol is a vegan, plant alternative that is a natural antioxidant to lighten the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation! It is also 100% safe to use when pregnant and even while nursing, which makes it a great alternative to retinol! 

Bakuchiol can be found in Dream Capsule Overnight Sleeping Mask, which can even replace your night moisturiser! This dreamy air-whipped lightweight texture sinks in almost immediately upon application and plumps up your skin when you sleep, giving you a glowing appearance when you rise while keeping both mom and baby safe! 

#2 Avoid salicylic acids

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) which helps regulate cell turnover and help with breakouts or acne. You may experience acne during your term due to hormone imbalances and may be tempted to use salicylic acid to keep them under control, but using it when pregnant can expose your foetus to risk of salicylism, which when absorbed, can pose danger to them. 

What should you use? 

Incorporate cica in your routine instead, to help with acne troubles. Cica is an antioxidant that helps inhibit inflammation and reduces skin damage. Cica also decreases redness, acne, and itchiness due to its soothing and healing properties. Cica is also 100% pregnancy and nursing safe, which means you can start to use it with a complete peace of mind!

Cica can be found in Youth Beam Anti-Ageing Night Serum, which contains a blend of pre, pro and post biotics to help mitigate the visible ageing process and boost collagen production. It also helps with redness, as well as calming acne and breakouts. 

#3 Avoid chemical sunscreens

Chemical sunscreens may contain possible hormone disruptors such as oxybenzone or avobenzone, which can interfere with your foetus’ nervous system development. Hence, it is advised to stay away from chemical sunscreens throughout your term to prevent complications.

What should you use? 

Opt for a physical sunscreen instead. As physical sunscreens sit on the surface of your skin to block UV rays as compared to a chemical sunscreen which is absorbed into your bloodstream to convert UV rays into dispelled heat, physical sunscreens pose less danger to expecting mothers. 

Continue to stay protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays with Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, which helps prevent hyperpigmentation and premature ageing when you go about your mommy duties!

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