Looking your best on Christmas

Looking your best on Christmas

Looking your best on Christmas 

Christmas is always a claus for celebration, which means your skin can be its best (s)elf too! 

If you are looking for a night pamper session, you can check out this blog! 

If your day starts early on let us bring you through what your Christmas morning should look like before meeting Santa!

Step 1: Cleanse

Start your day with a gentle cleanser that helps remove bacteria and gunk from a night of rolling about in bed and on the pillow! Did you know that an average pillow harbours  more than 350,000 potentially kinds of live bacteria?! Although some are harmless, there are definitely a number that are ramping up those angry breakouts. 

Kaleanser can help to deeply cleanse away all these nasties while not stripping your skin from its natural oils!


Step 2: Quick Hydrate

On cleansed, dry skin, Instantly hydrate with Dew Potion Waterless Essence Mist to ensure you put back all that moisture and prepare for next steps in your routine! As noted before, Dew Potion is waterless which means more potent superfood for your skin, and it’s spray packaging requires 0 cotton rounds = we’d say it’s a win for you and the environment! 

Step 3: Eye Cream

…Did you hear that? That is the sound of your under-eyes asking for some hydrating love too! To start, go in with Gentle Gaze Eye Cream to brighten, hydrate, de-puff, de-swell and erase fine lines! If you wish, Gentle Gaze can also be used to target laugh lines and fine lines around the nose, mouth, and neck areas! 

Step 4: Idyllic Fields

After which, work Idyllic Fields Daytime Moisturiser into your skin to complete the hydration routine! Idyllic Fields contains 71% oats which helps calm acne, redness, and eczema, while at the same time helping to rehydrate even the driest of skins!

Step 5: Morning Glow

Last but definitely the most important step of all, apply sunscreen! Many underestimate the power of what a sunscreen can do - in this case Morning Glow helps deflect harmful UV rays from the surface of your skin, keeping you safe from free radicals that can cause premature ageing like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation! We would prefer a mineral or physical sunscreen as it forms an invisible layer on your skin, instead of absorbing into your bloodstream and releasing UV rays as heat. This is why we would recommend opting for a physical sunscreen for expecting mothers and individuals with sensitive skin! 

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