Secret to a best looking concealer is a good eye cream

Secret to a best looking concealer is a good eye cream

Secret to a good concealer is a good eye cream 

Have you ever wondered how makeup can look absolutely flawless on some? Well, part of the secret lies in having a good skincare shelf! 

In today’s edit, let’s talk eyes! 

As you may notice for certain concealer formulas, they can start creasing especially after having them on for long periods of time. There might also be cracking as you layer on your makeup and if you have dry, flaky skin which makes skin texture rougher! 

Having wrinkles or fine lines around your eyes can also contribute to the creasing, amplifying its appearance even more as your concealer settles between them. 

Another reason that contributes to the creasing would also be due to constant eye movement when we eat, talk, smile, squint, blink or simply even looking around. This constant stretching of skin can also cause folding of the skin which leads to ruining your makeup! 

In order to ensure your makeup turns out the way you like, a good eye cream is all you need to ensure and perfect that mesmerising eyes! 

The definition of a GREAT eye cream is Sigi Skin’s Gentle Gaze Eye cream

This is how you can level up your makeup with Gentle Gaze:

Step 1: Don’t skip your skincare! 

Business as usual, deep dive into your skincare shelf and start by cleansing your face and spritz on some essence mist for a quick boost of hydration! (see also: Kaleanser and Dew Potion)

Step 2: Incorporate an eye cream

After that instant moisture, we mustn’t neglect our under-eye areas too! Eye creams are formulated specifically to target concerns such as eye puffiness, swelling, dark circles and dull skin. Gentle Gaze is ophthalmologist-tested to ensure that it is safe for your eyes! In addition, we take extra care to ensure that our formulation will not cause milia seeds, which means you can safely use it with a peace of mind! 

To start, apply a pea-sized amount of Gentle Gaze under and around the eyes, on your eyelids and massage these areas with the built-in metal tip applicator until fully absorbed! 

This extremely lightweight formula glides on smoothly and absorbs seamlessly into your skin quickly, hydrating your under-eye area, masking dark eye circles, reducing puffiness as well as helping you blend your makeup more effortlessly! 

Step 3: Apply concealer 

For the finishing touches, apply your concealer after Gentle Gaze has been fully absorbed. This pairing helps double down on masking any visible dark shadows and circles that you wish to hide, making the perfect duo and solution to level up your makeup! 

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