Skincare guide for newbies

Skincare guide for newbies

Just starting out on skincare and on a dilemma on what to use? We got your back! Here are some basic must-haves you need to know to complete your skincare routine if you are new to this! 

Morning Routine

  1. Kaleanser 

First up, you must never skip cleansing your face! If you are still trying to figure out your skin type, fret not. Kaleanser is formulated for even the most sensitive of skins, which means, no matter your skin type, this is a perfectly safe choice to opt for! It has a gel-like consistency that makes cleansing everyday a joy, and leaves your skin supple and soft immediately after! 

  1. Idyllic Fields 

Next up, incorporate a moisturiser! Idyllic Fields is a daytime moisturiser that can help deeply hydrate while still being entirely light weight! With 71.9% oats content, Idyllic Fields help to calm acne, redness, irritation, and even help to balance pH levels of your skin. It also contains polyglutamic acid, which can hold 10x more moisture than hyaluronic acid, a humectant most commonly found in other skincare products in the market! 


  1. Morning Glow 

Last but definitely the most important step of all, NEVER skip sunscreen! Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause premature ageing, such as the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation at an early age, making it tough to deal with later on. Morning Glow is a physical sunscreen that forms an invisible barrier on the surface of your skin to stand guard against these rays and free radicals, making sure you are well-protected! 

Night Routine

  1. Kaleanser

Similarly, it is important to cleanse your face at night. This is to ensure all product, makeup, dirt, pollution and sunscreen has been removed completely to prevent breakouts and to ensure the skincare products to follow can be better absorbed.

  1. Bright Skies

Exfoliating at least 2-3 times a week and 1-2 times per week if you have sensitive skin is crucial in ensuring soft, supple skin, as well as clean pores to eliminate any chances of breakouts. Bright Skies is a gentle peeling gel exfoliator that gets to work by removing the layer of dead skin cells build-up on the surface of the skin, and prevents bacteria from settling and creating an acne base camp! 

  1. Tea-Tox

After which, go in with Tea-Tox, a 20% probiotics sheet mask designed to hug your face comfortably and formulated to calm redness and irritation, as well as providing that instant glass skin glow that can last 2-3 days! Tea-Tox also has the ability to shrink the appearance of large pores! 

  1. Youth Beam

Finally, go in with a night serum. Even better, make it an anti-ageing night serum! Youth Beam does just that, with a unique blend of pre, pro and post biotics that is rare in skincare products across the market. This blend helps to reduce skin sensitivity, repair skin damage, prevent acne breakouts, fade acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles! It is of no wonder that Youth Beam is always up on the podium whenever we ask customers for their favourites! 

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