Why and when should you start using an eye cream?

Why and when should you start using an eye cream?

The Why

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and the most delicate, making it much more sensitive than the rest of our face as it is constantly exposed to environmental stressors. This is why you will first notice visible signs of ageing around this area. 

A common mistake we thought we need to correct is that there is a need to be gentle. When dealing with the eye area, wrinkles form very easily and you should avoid tugging on the skin when trying to spread the product for absorption. 

Gentle Gaze has a metal tip applicator that gives an instant eye massage without the need to dip your fingers into a pot and drag it across your eyes.

The When

If you are 18 and above, it's high time to start incorporating eye creams into your routines! 

Rather than waiting until you notice puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, or crow’s feet, you should start early and eye creams should be part of your skincare routine which helps to keep your skin looking young, fresh, well-hydrated, plump, supple and lifted as you age. 


Gentle Gaze is the ultimate eye cream you can never get enough! Suitable for all ages 18 years and above, she helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and promises you more radiant looking eyes in the AM!

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