Why do you need Dream Capsule in your night routine?

Why do you need Dream Capsule in your night routine?

Dream Capsule is the ultimate antioxidant smoothie that works overnight while you snooze! 

During the day when we are outdoors, we accumulate radical damage that causes harm to our cells! Certain factors can accelerate production of free radicals, which include exposure to toxic chemicals, such as pesticides and air pollution, as well as lifestyle habits like smoking. 

Working like a time machine, Dream Capsule has the ability to erase radical damage accumulated during the day, and does all the heavy lifting when you enter dreamland. 

This overnight sleeping mask replaces your current night cream, and contains key ingredients such as Bakuchiol (an alternative for retinol), Purslane, Niacinamide and  Squalene, making it 100% pregnancy and nursing safe! 

Dream Capsule has a silky air-whipped texture that melts into your skin and definitely feels like a dream while putting it on! 

Treat yourself to a luxurious spa-like pamper and wake up looking like you had 12 hours of beauty sleep with plumper and softer skin! 

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