Why the reappearance of an eye cream in Sigi Skin’s line?

Why the reappearance of an eye cream in Sigi Skin’s line?

If you have been following us for awhile now, you might notice the sneaky and quiet disappearance of Pink Nectar, an eye mask that has since been discontinued in 2020. 

Why, you may ask? 

In order to become a fully vegan brand, we had to let our little pastel pink baby go as it contains propolis, a resin-like material made by bees. (Got to save the bees!)

To our pleasant surprise, we realised that there were hundreds of you out there who are sad to see Pink Nectar get wiped off the digital shelf from our website! Even after discontinuing Pink Nectar 2 years ago, we still do get daily enquiries on where she went and when she's coming back (thank you so much for the overwhelming support!). 

Pink Nectar was well-loved by many customers and there were tons of requests for us to bring them back! 

And because we take your feedback seriously as a token of appreciation for your constant support, this is what made us decide to create…

Gentle Gaze. 

If you haven’t already heard the hot news, Gentle Gaze is an eye cream that is reformulated with better superfoods that are 100% vegan and pregnancy, nursing safe. 

In order to combat dark eye circles and puffiness - the enemy of all night owls and night shift workers alike - Gentle Gaze is the little buddy you want to have stashed in your fridge or on your night stand. Besides de-puffing and de-swelling, Gentle Gaze also contains anti-ageing properties and erases all wrinkles and crows’ feet with consistent use! 

I know you feel the urge to gate-keep Gentle Gaze before it all gets sold out, but run, don't walk! Go get a tube of Gentle Gaze now, and your eyes will thank you for it! 

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