Why you should double cleanse

Why you should double cleanse

Are you familiar with double cleansing? Double cleansing essentially means washing your face twice at one go, but is it necessary and should you incorporate it into your routine?

The short answer is… yes! 

Double cleansing is absolutely vital to have in your routine both in the day and night as it allows you to be one step closer to achieving your clear skin goals! 

The first cleanse after you wake up in the morning helps remove any excess oil and sebum that has been produced while you were sleeping. It also helps with sweeping away excess sweat and bacteria accumulated from a night of tossing and turning in bed, with dirty pillowcases and bed sheets coming into contact with your skin! The second cleanse then helps to ensure that all the remaining skincare products that you have put on the night before has been thoroughly cleaned out from your pores to ensure that they remain and prevents it from clogging. This habit of double cleansing also helps prepare your skin for your upcoming morning routine, and ensures better absorption of skincare products to come. 

For the PM, double cleansing is also highly encouraged, especially after spending the whole day out where bacteria gets to thrive on the surface of your skin! The first cleanse in your night routine helps with removing any remaining makeup left, as well as dirt, sweat and impurities accumulated that can clog pores. By going in the second time with your favourite cleanser, it also helps remove stubborn sunscreen that may still be lingering on the surface of your skin, especially after being piled on under makeup! 

A good and effective cleanser will not leave a stripping or a 'squeaky-clean' feeling after a wash, while still being able to remove makeup, dirt and grime - like Kaleanser!

Our Kaleanser Face Wash can help to:

  • Remove waterproof makeup
  • Detoxify skin and pores
  • Leaves skin soft and plump
  • Ensures better absorption of skincare to follow

If you are looking to switch out your current cleanser that is not working for you, this is a sign for you to try Kaleanser’s extremely gentle formula that is great for all skin types!

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