Youth Beam vs Dream Capsule, what’s the difference?

Youth Beam vs Dream Capsule, what’s the difference?

Youth Beam

Youth Beam is an anti-ageing night serum that will be your best friend you always reach out to for help when you need a perk-me-up! 

It is a skin booster that can provide your skin with instantaneous moisture and skin relief. It repairs cellular damage during your sleep and gifts you with soft, glowing and happy skin the next morning, guaranteed to make you smile as you stand by the mirror and have a great head start! 

Youth Beam is formulated with a unique blend of 3 biotics - pre, pro, and post that ensures balance of your skin’s microbiome, and ensures less sensitivity over time.

Clinical studies using in vitro cell culture techniques shows that after 24 hours of application of Youth Beam, S.epidermidis (good bacteria) increased by 156% and it creates a good condition for healthy microbiomes to thrive in.   

Dream Capsule

On the other hand, Dream Capsule is an overnight sleeping mask that is not only lightweight, but very powerful in reversing radical damage accumulated during the day.

It is also able to help boost collagen production, reduce fine lines, repair skin barrier, and protect the skin’s DNA from ageing by strengthening the repair function of cells, with formulation of superior ingredients like Purslane and Bakuchiol. 

Containing a generous amount of omega-3 fatty acids, Dream Capsule also reduces skin inflammation and scar marks.

Why do you need both?

Results are best when Youth Beam and Dream Capsule are used together, as continuous use will help improve skin texture for softer, plump skin, and prevents fine lines from forming. Both also work together hand-in-hand to give you long lasting hydration, making the perfect night duo you’ll ever need! 

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